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March 2018

The BSAC, Nyasaland, Malawi, Northern Rhodesia and Rhodesia and Nyasland sections
have been completely revamped with many new items added - there is more to follow
Current revamp for S. Rhodesia Stamps is in progress - New stock has been added
Details/Contents of the next issue of The Rhodesian Philatelist No 43 (February 2018)

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April 2018

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New Stock added March 2018
Rhodesia and Nyasaland additional material includes 1954 and 1955 die Proofs, many new and interesting varieties, numerous FDC’s
Covers and Postal History, only a few so far, but many are scheduled to follow

This Website includes an extensive range of Rhodesian Material from early to modern, we are specialists in this area and offer rare and Unusual items whether it is Essays - Proofs - Colour Trials - Die Proofs - Specimens - Stamps - Booklets

Varieties that range from the mundane to absolute Rarities and at times Unique.

Postmarks - Postal Stationery & Postal History - Postage Dues are subjects we favour and there is an extensive range on offer

Fiscals - Revenues and Documents are also included.

Anything unusual or different is a speciality, the sort of material that can turn an average collection into an interesting one. Although this website has a vast range of items, we own many desirable items that have not been on offer, just because you do not see a certain piece you seek it does not follow that we do not possess one.

Other African Territories and selected countries are also in stock and may be viewed on their appropriate websites by following the links below.

A New Information Section for Southern Rhodesia under development
See under The Rhodesian Philatelist

Research is a favourite pastime and our own publication The Rhodesian Philatelist has been in circulation for twenty one years.

I wrote a book on the
Northern Rhodesia Mkushi Postage Dues and the renamed Old Mkushi Post Office

An ongoing project is another book entitled
King George V Philately of Southern Rhodesi
It already has well over 100 pages and is the most comprehensive book on the subject. It includes updated versions of my previous articles and research plus several sections not published before, a lifetime of work and dedication has been put into this effort.

 Southern Africa Philately

Available Now

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