Otto Peetoom

Ormskirk Stamps

Otto & Gillian Peetoom on their stand at the
London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition
We have comprehensive pricelists available for the following Territories
Price lists include Stamps, Postal History, Postal Stationery and Postmarks

These are available in PDF format from the Website, by email or by post
In general illustrated items on our web site start with items priced from £10 up, cheaper stamps
are included on the pricelists

Specialist in Southern Africa, Rhodesia and Central Africa

Includes British South Africa Company (BSAC), Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Rhodesia UDI, Nyasaland

South Africa (Includes Pre-Union) - Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Swaziland.

South West Africa (Includes G.S.W.A.) & Namibia

Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika (K.U.T.) Includes British East Africa, Tanganyika, G.E.A.. Mafia Island, N.F.F. Uganda & Zanzibar

Overall Condition of Material. We deal in the best quality available -We do not sell substandard items
Any unavoidable minor faults are included in our descriptions

        Roos, East Yorkshire
                    HU12 0LD
Telephone    +44(0)1964 670239

Mobile         +44(0)777 967 7349
or Mobile     +44(0)776 661 5926


About me

I started business in April 1979 as a full time
stamp dealer with a stamp shop in Ormskirk, England. In 1983 I closed it in order to develop
a postal only operation specializing in South and Central Africa

Stamp Fairs and Exhibitions
During the 1980's I participated in numerous
fairs throughout Britain including

International Stamp Exhibitions - Since 1990 we have only attended Internationals and were stand holders at PACIFIC 97 in San Francisco,
ILSAPEX 98 in Johannesburg and LONDON 1990, 2000 & 2010
Terms of Business
Payment with order

British Sterling and payable to O.J. PEETOOM

We accept this form of payment subject to their 5% service charge being added to the total - Use this email

Extended Credit
may be available on request for large purchases or expensive single items

Postage & Packing extra on all sendings

Loss in Transit & Insurance
in case of a postal loss
Insurance claims require confirmation of loss by the postal authorities, which can take some time - We have a private insurance covering up to £10,000 per sending There is a £50 excess on all claims
Requests for an extension must be made when ordering. The procedure is that the seller submits the stamp for a certificate and not the buyer.

Items accompanied by a certificate are sold on the merit of said certificate and not subject to dispute or a refund

Items purchased face to face must be inspected to the satisfaction of the buyer and once taken possession of may not be returned

Items bought via a mail-order transaction if not satisfied with the condition must be returned immediately

Any items not returned within seven days, within Britain, or three weeks, overseas are considered sold

Refunds are only made provided the seller is satisfied that the item remains in the same condition as it was at the point of dispatch

Expert Committee Certificates
Please note the object of a certificate is to confirm that an item is genuine, that it has not been repaired, re-perforated or re-gummed
It ought to be appreciated that a certificate does not specify whether a stamp is unmounted or mounted mint
Comments on the gum is not consistent and may range from no comment at all or ‘full original gum’ or ‘original gum’
or ‘part original gum’ or ‘large part original gum’ - None of the foregoing descriptions clarify whether a stamp is unmounted or mounted mint