British South Africa Company
Index to Available Material

This Section of the Website covers an extensive range of Stamp Issues, our stamps are individually handpicked to ensure the
best possible quality. The Policy is that if we can find a fault on a stamp, so too can the customer. Double heads and Admiral stamps continue in popularity and although we are constantly buying, the demand for good quailty stamps outstrips supply.

Rare Revenues are on offer and our stock includes Colour Trials - Proofs - Specimens - Varieties - Rarities


An extensive range of Postmarks is on offer that includes rarities such as squared circle KAMPANDA, double circle
CHIWEFWE, single circle TATI excised - Used at FRANCISTOWN - available on or off cover and double circle TANGANYIKA B.C.A.

We have sold many of the rarest Skeleton cancels which includes NELLY MINE (On Cover), TPO UP and DOWN.
Squared circle MPIGA and Thimble K SALISBURY (JA 1892) both on Cover.
One of the rarest BSAC postmarks sold is MPHOENGS STAD.

We hold a considerable back up stock that includes a good range of rare items that have not been offered to date such as
squared circle SAKONTWI. Skeleton Dunphaile Siding, Golden Valley, Heany and Malundi River and B.&M.&R. Rlys
used at BROKEN HILL STATION - the only known example.

Included on this site is an interesting selection of used Postal Stationery and rare Postal History that includes
NJI, MBANJI, SIBALI skeleton -
the only known example, plus rare items from the 1896 Matabele Rebellion

Anything unusual or different is a speciality, the sort of material that can turn an average collection into an interesting one.

Although this website has a vast range of items, we own many desirable items that have not been on offer, just because you do not see a certain piece you seek it does not follow that we do not possess one.