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Postage Dues
Postal Stationery - Specimen
NR 151
KGV Registered envelope Size G Overprinted SPECIMEN
Postal Stationery - Scout Jamboree
1945 Nkana Scout Jamboree A privately produced postcard depicting a crocodile
Printed in green on a buff card. Inscribed N.RHODESIA RALLY – NKANA 1945 and at the foot of the card
CHRONICLE, BYO. – 84720 – 6/6/45 - I have owned this card for many years and it remains the only example I have ever seen.
It is a nice thematic item that would please any collector of Scouts or Reptiles. I showed this item to an American dealer who has a vast scouting collection and his only comment was that he had not previously seen this card!

NR 160
It seems that Nkana hosted a Scout Jamboree
circa mid 1945 and for the occasion the
Bulawayo Chronicle printed these postcards
on 6 June 1945. How many were printed is anyone’s guess. I believe that the code figure 84720 has nothing to do with the print run and is in all probability the
Printer's Job No
Extremely Rare
Mazabuka Post Paid
PAID AT MAZABUKA - During Dec 1928 & April 1929 due to a shortage of low value stamps, local mail was posted stampless and endorsed in manuscript either Post Paid, Postage Paid or simply Paid in either black or red pen or in pencil
In some cases the Postmaster’s initials were added
NR 170
Post paid in Pencil with MAZABUKA 3 DEC 1928 cancel
(Ex Sinton)
NR 171
Postage paid in red ink with Postmaster’s initials added
MAZABUKA 5 DEC 1928 cancel (Ex Sinton)
NR 172
in Pencil with Postmaster’s initial added
MAZABUKA 4 MAR 1929 cancel (Ex Sinton)
NR 73
Paid in Black ink with MAZABUKA 1 APR 1929 cancel
Last recorded date (Ex Sinton)
Postage Paid Chingola
During December 1946, stocks of low value stamps at the Chingola Post Office were running low the Postmaster R. Foster obtained a
Two line handstamp ‘POSTAGE PAID CHINGOLA’ and used it on mail, in lieu of postage stamps, for a short period.
The only recorded dates of use are 31 XII 46, 3 I 47 and 6 I 47 - The latter being the most common date. - It is believed that Mr. Foster produced several envelopes for himself on 6th January
NR 175
A rare Example of the
Dispatched on 3 I 47
Information provided by Foster himself was
that he had only employed his ‘Paid’ handstamp
For one day on 6 I 47 & used it
On 42 items of mail
This cover proves otherwise

Postage Paid in Cash

NR 177
27 AU 53 in red
Hoyte type P5t

G.P.O. Registered O.H.M.S. Envelope

NR 179
A Printed Post Office Registered envelope to
Cape Town containing two printed sheets from
GPO Livingstone - One being an order form for the then current KGV definitives & Postage Dues
The other a 23 February 1932 letter informing the addressee that the GPO no longer has stocks
Of the 8d, 10d, 2/- & 7/6 - Cancelled
Livingstone 23 FEB 1932 &
Rondebosch 26 FEB arrival backstamp
Rare item, only example seen

KGVI Postal History - Multiple franking

NR 183
Envelope with 2d SG32 block of 8 plus a single - Correct 1/6 airmail rate to Canada - Introduced 15.9.47
Cancelled KITWE 28 II 48

1946 Victories on Cover

NR 184
1/6 Airmail to Canada Envelope with 1½d Victory Cylinder blocks 75A and 75B
Plus KGVI 2d x 3 to front and rear - Posted KITWE 14 IV A48
NR 185
1/6 Airmail to Canada with 2d Victory in a marginal irregular block of 9 on the reverse
Posted KITWE 5 X 49-12:00

1948 RSW on Cover

NR 186
Envelope to Canada with correct 1/6 Airmail rate paid by RSW 1½d block of 12 applied to rear posted
KITWE 27 XII 48-4:00 - Unusual franking

WWII Airgraph

NR 197
Airgraph from PEMBA
Sent on Christmas Day 1944
To the Isle of Wight
Compliments of the Season

QEII Postal History - Mkushi

District Commissioner Mkushi Handstamp

NR 200

Rare Commercial Envelope
To HR Beck’s Mother
With correct 1/3 Airmail rate
Cancelled with the
District Commissioner
Mkushi 12 APR 1954


OLD MKUSHI Handstamp

NR 204
Rare Commercial Envelope
To HR Beck’s In-laws
With correct 1/4 Airmail rate
Cancelled with the
Dumb canceller
Broken Hill excised
Used at Mkushi 27 VI 54
Chop alongside

Airmails - 1932 First Northbound Flight

NR 221
Illustrated Imperial Airways Springbok envelope
with KGV 2d x 2 & 6d
Cancelled MPIKA
28 JAN H 32
To North Wales.
Three line cachet in violet
With Anglesey 17 FE 32 backstamp
Scarce cachet.

Crash Airmail - 1932 Oscar Garden Flight

NR 223
Oscar Garden Record Attempt
Posted Cape Town 19 Apr 32
Crashed at Abercorn &
Flight Abandoned
Two Crash Cachets &
Abercorn 22 APR 32 datestamp
Rare item

1937 Clouston - Kirby Green Flight

A Bargain - Buy me Breakfast & I’ll carry your Covers
During November 1937 a new record was set by Flying Officer A.E. Clouston and Mrs. Betty Kirby Green flying a
De Havilland Comet named 'The Burberry' from Croydon to Cape Town and back - The 14,690 mile journey was achieved in 4 days 6 hours and 25 minutes with a flying time of 77 hours 49 minutes at an average speed of 189 m.p.h.

During the short stop at Broken Hill
Mr. Clouston was requested to carry a number of envelopes on the remaining flight to
Cape Town and to post them on arrival - Apparently Mrs. Kirby-Green was not in favour of this, as they were already under contract to an English philatelic firm to only carry a limited number of flight covers - Clouston had no such reservations and jokingly suggested that if Scott paid for their breakfast, he would take the covers, this was agreed and considered 'A Bargain'

There are four covers in total
– two each addressed to G. Scott, the local wireless operator and Hoston Dubber a postal official
Rediscovered: The two covers addressed to Hoston-Dubber had most of Clouston's writing rubbed out and my belief is that someone mistook the caption 'A Bargain' as a reference to the sale price when the envelopes changed hands. They were in the collection of the late Neil Hartley sold by S. Welz in 1995

NR 230
Dubber & Scott had prepaid their envelopes with
N.R. stamps for their return
These were disallowed in
Cape Town hence the
3d ‘Postage Due’
Clouston’s writing restored
To the cover
A Rare & delightful
Airmail Item

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