Northern Rhodesia
1929 - 1964 Postage Due Collection
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1929 Two Master Die Proofs
1929 1d Imperforate Proof on Appendix sheet
Unique DLR Specimen Overprints
Perforated Specimen Postage Dues
2d Specimen Ex Angola Archives

Postage Dues on Cover

Incoming Mail with 1d, 2d & 3d Dues
Very Rare flight cover with 1d & 2d Dues

Multiple use of the 3d Postage Dues
Postage Dues on Cover
Rare Cover with 2d & 4d
Very Rare Multiple use of 4d Dues
All four values on one cover
Bisected 2d used at various Offices
1952 1d & 3d on cover
Posted on Train without Fee
Incoming Surcharged Envelopes
Mkushi Postage Dues
Definitives used as Dues
1963 Imperforates & Covers

My Publication The Rhodesian Philatelist was launched during 1994 and most subjects I study and write up require good illustrations to accompany the text. I therefore actively accumulate material to supplement my ongoing interest in any specific subject. Such accumulations eventually form a good base for a collection. The foregoing exercise led to collections of Postmarks, 1896 Rebellion, Rhodesian Booklets, Southern Rhodesia 1924 Admirals Part and imperforate between varieties and so the list goes on.
For Rhodesian Postage dues, I formed collections of all the Territories which included Northern & Southern Rhodesia, the Federation and Rhodesia UDI. To date I have disposed of most of my Southern Rhodesian Postage dues.

I wrote an extensive article on the Northern Rhodesian Postage Dues in the October 2000 Rhodesian Philatelist No 20 and in 2005 I published a book on The Mkushi Postage Dues.
Much of my work formed the basis of the Rhodesian Study Circle Memoir 12, Surcharged Mail and the Postage Due stamps of Northern Rhodesia, Published in 2009 and Edited by Alan Drysdall and Otto Peetoom.

My Postage Due collection has been displayed at several Rhodesian Study Circle events and was last shown in Melbourne in 2013.

The Collection

The emphasis has been to concentrate on Archival material and Covers,
my policy has always been to constantly upgrade the collection and whenever I acquired a superior item, it replaced a less impresive item. I have avoided overloading the collection with Postage Due labels as such material is invariably not too difficult to acquire. What follows is essential self explanitory.
Northern Rhodesia - Postage Due Die Proofs
Six Master Die Proofs are known

They were struck at various stages during the preparation of the engraved die and endorsed as follows:

1. ‘Die II’ in manuscript

2. Dated ’15.4.29’ & ‘Appd. 16/4/29’
both in manuscript

3. ‘After Hardening’ in manuscript

4. ‘After striking’ in manuscript

5. Handstamped ‘AFTER STRIKING’
‘24/4/29’ in manuscript

6. Identical to the above

Items 2 & 4 are displayed
Above and at left
Imperforate Proofs

Three Imperforate Proofs have been recorded

1. An Imperforate Master Die of the frame
Endorsed in manuscript ‘Apl 24th 60 + 6’

2. An Imperforate combined proof of the 1d
Stuck onto a large piece of squared paper
Typed at the top 16th May, 1929
Northern Rhodesia Reqn. 635
APPENDIX and in manuscript
‘Appd for Colour’ initialled & dated 16/5/29
With a second set of initials plus the same date

The above item is in the British Library

3. An identical Proof on a smaller piece without
The type written heading, but with the same
Manuscript endorsements

Item 3 is displayed on the right

Archival and UPU Specimens

A Unique set of SPECIMENS ex De La Rue Archives
Three values are overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ whilst the 3d is perforated
The 4d with the broken ‘d’ in 4d variety - All stuck down on piece
Above the 1d value, a manuscript endorsement 60 set Apr 1929


Perforated UPU Specimens

Ex Angola UPU Collection
2d Specimen with
additional ‘Especimen’
security handstamp in green

Probably Unique

Specimen set in Pairs

One 4d with the
Broken d Variety

Surcharged Incoming Mail Using 1d Postage Due

Postcard from New York

Depicts the Hotel Times Square
Posted New York OCT 20 1946

Underpaid and taxed with a N.Y. duplex
10 CENTIMES & a circular ‘T 1D’ handstamps

Collected and paid with a 1d Postage Due
Note the pitch black colour of the Due

Cancelled KITWE 26 XI 46

Envelope from Havana in Cuba

Posted HABANA CUBA MAR 24 1945
Opened & sealed by Censor

Taxed 2d & paid with a marginal 1d pair

Note the much lighter grey-black shade

Cancelled KITWE 16 VII 45

Surcharged Incoming Mail Using 2d Postage Due

Elizabethville to Nkana

Envelope posted
Underpaid & Taxed 2d

Paid with a marginal 2d

27 NOV 46

1937Airmail Clouston - Kirby - Green Flight
A Bargain - ‘Buy me Breakfast & I’ll carry your Covers’

During November 1937 a new record was set by Flying Officer A.E. Clouston and Mrs. Betty Kirby - Green flying a De Havilland Comet named The Burberry from Croydon to Cape Town and back. The 14,690 mile journey was achieved in 4 days 6 hours and 25 minutes with a Flying time of 77 hours 49 minutes at an average speed of 189 m.p.h.

During the short stop at Broken Hill Mr. Clouston was requested to carry a number of envelopes on the remaining flight to Cape Town and to post them on arrival.

Apparently Mrs. Kirby-Green was not in favour of this, as they were already under contract to an English philatelic firm to only carry a limited number of flight covers. Clouston had no such reservations and jokingly suggested that if Scott paid for their breakfast he would take the covers, this was agreed and considered A Bargain

There are four known covers in total

Two each addressed to G. Scott, the local
wireless operator and Hoston Dubber a postal official.


The two covers addressed to Hoston-Dubber had
most of Clouston's writing rubbed out and my belief
is that someone mistook the caption 'A Bargain' as a reference to the sale price when the envelopes changed hands.
They were in the collection of the late Neil Hartley
sold by S. Welz in 1995.

Dubber & Scott had prepaid their envelopes with N.R. stamps for their return, these were
disallowed in Cape Town hence the 3d ‘Postage Due’ Clouston’s writing has been restored to the cover
A Rare & delightful Airmail Item

Philatelic use of the 3d Postage Due

A Typical
NDOLA 1950

Mr Schreiber created Postage Due covers
for many
Commonwealth Countries and
Applied his own Tax markings
at a later date

Many of his envelopes originate
from unusual places

Commercial use of the 1d & 3d Postage Dues
Envelope Airmailed from SA posted Cape Town 27 IV 34 with bi-lingual boxed MORE TO PAY OVER ½ OZ. Initially taxed 10D but cancelled using a barred oval and replaced by 8D. Broken Hill and Ndola transit & arrival back stamps. Tax collected by 1d pair & 3d x 2 NR dues cancelled NDOLA 5 MAR 34. Commercial use of the 3d dues is exceptionally rare.

Commercial use of the 3d Postage Due

Cape Town to Ndola

A delightful illustrated Advertising envelope
Posted unpaid from
Cape Town 26 SEP 41 to Ndola

Taxed 3d and paid with a 3d Postage due
Cancelled NDOLA 30 SEP 41

1951 Multiple use of the 3d Postage Dues

Envelope Airmailed with 6d postage on 23 FEB 1951 from STAINES in England
Underpaid 6d and taxed 1/- in manuscript - CHINGOLA 27 II 51 arrival backstamp
3d x 4 Postage dues cancelled on collection from a P.O. Box dated CHINGOLA 2 III 51

Commercial Use of the 4d Highest Value
Underpaid Airmail
From England

Envelope franked 1/- instead of 1/3 Airmail
Surcharged 6d paid with 2d & 4d Dues

DE 16 53

Use of the 4d Postage Due is Very Rare

Extremely Rare Multiple use of 4d Postage Due

A Somewhat Controversial Cover

This cover, ex Kelly, featured in a Christie's March 1992 sale in Lot 3330 and was described as a bisect.
In 2009 it was subject to a debate between Alan Drysdall and myself during the preparation of Memoir 12 on
Northern Rhodesia Surcharged Mail, the 1/8 Tax marking suggests that the damaged 4d is not a bisect.

This cover reappeared in a February 2012 as Lot 1754 in Victoria Stamp Co Sale in the USA and was again described as an item with a
4d bisect and sometime later the buyer sought my opinion and I stated
My conclusion is that it is effectively not a bona fide 4d bisect, if it was I would've bought it!

The story does not end there as an article appeared in a September 2012 RSCJ No 244/149 and it was concluded that it was indeed a
Contrived Cover. Purely by chance the item was offered to me and I bought it on its merits, only then did I give the matter further thought.

In an effort to condemn the item, too much emphasis has been placed on what it is not and no one appears to appreciate what it is!

The actual envelope has every Hallmark that it is Commercial Mail and the 1s/8d Surcharge is in my opinion authentic, thus it is of little consequence that one of the 4d dues has been cut in half, five 4d dues make up 1/8. It is therefore an extremely rare multiple use of the
4d Postage Due and for the period it is the highest charge I have encountered

Cape Town to Nkana

A long cut down envelope posted
Cape Town 29 II 40
KITWE 12 III 40 arrival backstamp

Taxed 1/8 in manuscript and possibly part of a
batch of underpaid and therefore a collective surcharge
Paid with no less than five x 4d dues

One due cut in half creating a false impression that it
might be a bisected 4d Due, which it is not!


Northern Rhodesia’s most desirable Postage Due Cover

Posted 6d underpaid from CROYDEN AERODROME 9 JU 36 to Nkana - Taxed 1/- in manuscript - Broken Hill 16 June transit &
Nkana 17th arrival backstamps. The surcharge receipted using a combination of all four Postage Due values
Cancelled NKANA 18 JUN 36 - A truly amazing cover ex Clapham

Northern Rhodesia - Bisected Postage Dues

Bisects - The 2d postage due is known bisected horizontally or vertically

Sometimes cut with scissors or simply torn by hand and used to receipt payments of 1d
Used at a number of Copperbelt Post Offices between 1937 and 1950 and those recorded are

Nkana 8.11.37 - 3.6.38 plus October 1939 - Thirteen covers
Kitwe 11.3.44 - The only known bisected 1d on cover
Luanshya October 1939 - One only recorded
Ndola - 4.1950, 11.5.50 & 12.5.50 - Three covers
Chingola 4.5.50 - 10.5.50 - Eight covers

1938 Bisected at Nkana

Durban to Nkana

Window envelope posted Durban 16 II 38
Taxed T10c, paid with the lower half of a 2d due

22 MAR 38

1950 Bisected at Ndola

1950 Used at Ndola posted from Johannesburg

Sent from Johannesburg 8 V 50 cancelled
with a machine slogan

Circular ‘T1D’ Tax handstamp
Receipted with the upper half of a 2d Due
torn in half by hand

NDOLA 12 V 50
One of three known covers

Bisected Postage Dues - Used at Chingola during May 1950
From Johannesburg to Chingola

Underpaid by ½d and taxed 1d
Envelope with a circular ‘T1D’ Tax mark and
endorsed 144/5 in pencil

This endorsements suggest the number of unpaid items
received during May and more than likely applied
on arrival as much of the mail went to a P.O. Box

The Postage Due only applied & cancelled
upon collection of the item

Receipted with the lower half of a 2d Due

From Johannesburg to Chingola

Underpaid by ½d and taxed 1d
Envelope with a circular ‘T1D’ Tax mark and
endorsed 184/5 in pencil

This endorsements suggest the number of
unpaid items received during May and
more than likely applied
on arrival as much of the mail went to a P.O. Box

The Postage Due only applied & cancelled
upon collection of the item

Receipted with the left half of a 2d Due
cancelled CHINGOLA 5 V 50

The three above Covers demonstrate different portions used of a 2d Postage Due
Upper half, Lower half and bisected vertically

Pre-Federation use of the 1952 Dues on Chalky Paper

Issued on 22 January 1952 their Pre-Federation use is Extremely Rare

The number of 1d & 3d Dues sent to the Colony is 627,120 and 136,320 respectively
For the chalkies this only included 1d x 16,700 plus 19,220 x 3d
That represents a mere 2.7% (1d) & 14% (3d) of the totals dispatched

Commercial use of Chalky Paper Postage Dues - The Rarity of these covers is often not appreciated

Postcard from South Africa taxed with a marginal pair of 1d - Cancelled KITWE 11 OC 53

Envelope from NAMITETE in Nyasaland Taxed with a chalky 3d due - Cancelled FORT JAMESON 1 IX 53

Posted on Train without Special Fee
Envelope to the
Zambesi Trading Company
P.O. BOX 1, Livingstone

18 NOV 1934

With a boxed cachet

Taxed on collection paid with 2d Postage Due

20 NOV 1934

Posted Under Paid on a Train

Cancelled at
19 JUL 54

Addressed to an African at Mkushi
Endorsed c/o Chief Chiwefwe

With a boxed cachet


Surcharged Outgoing Mail
1941 Underpaid to the
United States of America

Underpaid 1d, opened and sealed by
Northern Rhodesia - Censor No 12

Manuscript ‘T20c’ and New York duplex
Tax markings DUE 4 CENTS

Redirected and fine paid by
USA 2 cents x 2 Postage Dues

Underpaid to the Belgian Congo
Using an Advertising envelope
Posted with a NDOLA 8 APR 32
Machine cancel

½d Underpaid
Taxed & paid with
Belgian Congo 50c x 2 dues plus a
20c definitive


Mkushi Postage Dues

Recorded Usage is from 4 July to 10 September 1953

Twenty one covers, one Front and one used loose stamp are known - I have illustrations of them all
Covers are either addressed to Africans, 13 out of 22 and the nine remaining envelopes are basically all to Beck, either as H.R. Beck or the District Commissioner - This subject has been studied by me quite thoroughly
I initially wrote an article in The Rhodesian Philatelist No 5 in August 1994 and eventually published a book in 2005

H.R. Beck retained four of the covers and they are essentially the most desirable, after his death, his collection went to his eldest son and
I eventually acquired that collection which I incorporated into my Postage Due holding.

Three types of Mkushi dues are known, typed on a KGVI 1d green definitive, either in upper case (Thirteen covers in total) or
in lower case (Four covers in total) and it was also overprinted on the QEII 1953 1d Rhodes Centenary Commemorative (Five covers in total)

This Postage Due collection includes two of each time of overprint and in each case, one is addressed to Beck and the other to an African

Many Collectors own Northern Rhodesian Postage due covers,
but very few include a Mkushi Postage Due Cover

1953 Rhodes 1d overprinted POSTAGE DUE
The Earliest use of the
Mkushi Postage Dues

It appears that the 1d Rhodes were the first stamps
to be overprinted on a Typewriter.
All four July 1953 dates reflect the foregoing.
23 JUL, 25 JUL, 30 JUL and 31 JUL

The cover at left is No 3 dated 30 JUL 53
Ex Hobbs and Ex Kelly

Last Recorded date for the
Overprinted 1d Rhodes

Cancelled MKUSHI 19 AUG 53
Cover No 15 out of 22
Ex Beck

Envelope is said to have contained an
invitation to a Wedding

Illustrated two out of five covers with a
1d Rhodes Mkushi Postage Due

Mkushi Postage Due - KGVI 1d Upper Case lettering
KGVI 1d Upper Case lettering

Thirteen out of 22 Covers are know with this version

Addressed to an African
Dated MKUSHI 5 AUG 53

This is the earliest cover with the KGVI 1d
No 6 out of 22

KGVI 1d Upper Case lettering

Cancelled MKUSHI 25 AUG 53
Cover No 17 out of 22
Ex Beck

Four covers with this version have vertical pairs
Of KGVI 1d Dues

The latest date of this version is
No 22 out of 22
10 SEP 53

Mkushi Postage Due - KGVI 1d Lower Case lettering
KGVI 1d Lower Case lettering

Only four out of 22 Covers are known with this version
Its earliest date of use is 13 AUG 53
The other dates are 14 AUG, 17 AUG & 5 SEP

Addressed to an African
Dated MKUSHI 14 AUG 53

This multiple franking with two vertical pairs with
Upper & lower case lettering probably makes it the most desirable
Mkushi Postage Due cover

No 9 out of 22
Ex Beck

KGVI 1d Lower Case lettering

Another vertical pair with Upper & lower case lettering

Cancelled MKUSHI 5 SEP 53
Cover No 21 out of 22
Ex Beck

Envelope is said to have contained a
quote for a Land Rover

This is the latest date of this version is

1933 Not Surcharged for Reason Stated
Ndola to USA by Air to Europe
and by Sea to America

Posted NDOLA 29 JUN 33
Broken Hill 30 JUN transit backstamp

Three adhesives lost in transit with
Only ½d remaining - Not surcharged

Received two line handstamp
Postage Stamp Detached - Before Receipt at

1929 Inland Letter, Redirected Overseas

Inland Letter, Redirected Overseas

The rule was that only the difference in postage needed
to be collected - thus there was no double deficiency fine

Posted Princeton 6 JUN 1929 to a local address at the
2 cent inland rate - Redirected to Northern Rhodesia
The overseas rate being 5 cents which required the
difference of 3 cents

Taxed in the USA and Africa 3 cents (1½d)
Backstamped Broken Hill 13 JUL 1929 arrival

Unclaimed-Return to Sender
Dispatched Broken Hill 2 AUG 29
No dues applied but the sender would be liable for the
outstanding 3 cents postage

Postage Stamps used as Postage Dues

Postage stamps were on occasions used as Postage Dues
Throughout the existence of Northern Rhodesia

The Kelly Collection included covers bearing KG V 1d and 2d stamps used as dues
Between 1932 and 1938 three covers bearing KG VI 1d stamps serving the same purpose

To date there is recorded KG V 1d stamps used at Lusaka in November 1932
Ndola in January 1933 & 1938
Nkana in January and February 1938

KG VI 1d brown used at Ndola in June 1940 and Kitwe January 1949 (Illustrated below)
1½d carmine used at Lusaka in September 1939, 2d carmine used at Chingola in May 1950
The highest value seen is a 3d ultramarine used in Kitwe in March 1949 (Illustrated below)

Usage of later issues is rare and includes a 1953 QE II 2d (January 1954) plus a 1963 1d both used at Kitwe

It has not been possible to establish if the use of definitives as Postage dues
Signifies a depletion of the Postage Due stock or whether a definitive was simply the first to hand

KGV 1d used as a Postage Due

A Window envelope posted from DURBAN 4 II 38
With a circular Tax mark

Surcharge collected and receipted with a
Marginal KGV 1d Definitive

8 FEB 38

KGVI Postage Stamps used as Postage Dues

KGVI 1d used as a Postage Due

1949 Postcard from Cape Town to Nkana

Underpaid card with circular ‘T1D’ tax mark
Double deficiency paid with KGVI 1d

KITWE 21 I 49

1949 Unpaid envelope from
Johannesburg to Kitwe

Envelope franked with N. Rhodesia ½d x 4 from South Africa
Stamps invalid as postage

Dispatched JOHANNESBURG 21 MAR 49

Taxed ‘T3d’ in manuscript
Fine receipted with a marginal, part imprint
KGVI 3d definitive


1963 Postage Dues
The Government Printer produced a complete set of Imperforate Proof sheets
For the approval of the G.P.O.

A set of imperforate blocks of 20 (5 x 4) in the issued colours may have originated from them. They were originally fixed to the frame of the press and used by the printer to ensure consistency of the colours. A significant number of the stamps - particularly the 3d value - were damaged as the blocks were mounted using the gum of the top-left corner stamps, on a sheet of plain white paper that was carelessly handled.

The original blocks have been broken up and these blocks of four, including the only undamaged block of the 3d duty, survive are unique

1963 Postage Dues on Cover

Local Kabompo Cover
Franked with three 1d Revenues

Tried as unpaid, initially taxed 3d
Double deficiency being 6d.

Marginal copies of the 1963 1d, 2d and 3d dues used at KABOMPO
6 MAY 1964

The 1963 Postage dues on cover are
Regarded as Major Rarities


1963 Postage Dues on Cover

Envelope posted unpaid from JOHANNESBURG
20 X 1964
to Kitwe
Taxed with 1963 6d SG D9
25 OCT 1964
These Dues are Major Rarities
on Cover

More to follow Soon

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